Pilgrim’s Places, LLC

Sustainable Watershed Education

Its about the places we work, play, live, and the places we love.

Professional Engineer

Pilgrim’s Places is a company I founded in 2017 to create a new business model. One with the watershed health in mind. One which gives access to multiple stakeholders with the idea to effectively communicate complex topics. Hydrology, hydraulics, fluvial geomorphology are complex topics. I hope to help more people understand these complex topics and help them make informed decisions.

Hydrologic and Hydraulic Models and Assessment

I have extensive experience with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software such as one-dimensional and two-dimensional hydraulic modeling, hydrologic modeling with EPA-SWMM and MIKE-URBAN. These tools are used for assessing flood risk and stormwater management where you live.

Watershed Expertise

I have worked on a wide variety of river restoration projects, from assessment to design and construction oversight. I have experience working at every stage of complex projects. To find more specific project experience click the link to the projects page below.

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